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War's impact on literature: A conversation with Jordan Elgrably

  1. War's impact on literature: A conversation with Jordan Elgrably Natasha Tynes 35:55

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What happens when war disrupts the creative minds of writers?

In this episode, I conversed with Franco-Moroccan-American writer and editor, Jordan Elgrably where we delved into the intersection of literature and conflict. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation:

  • Middle Eastern writers' anthology: We explore Jordan's latest anthology, Stories from the Center of the World, which showcases the diverse voices of Middle Eastern writers navigating the complexities of the current geopolitical landscape. 
  • Arab American Authors in Focus: We highlight the remarkable journey of Omar El-Akkad and other Arab American authors, examining how trauma and Resilience shape their narratives.
  • The Editorial Eye: Jordan shares insider tips for aspiring writers, revealing what it takes to make literary submissions stand out in an evolving publishing landscape that's increasingly embracing diverse voices.

Join us for a thought-provoking conversation that celebrates the Resilience of creativity in the face of adversity, and the promise of more stories to come.

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I’m a Jordanian-American author and communications professional based in Washington, DC. I run my own digital media agency, Suburban Media Group, where I advise clients on the best digital media practices for their brand. I have over twenty years of experience working as a journalist, writer, and social media manager.

I’m a regular contributor to a number of publications inside and outside the United States. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Nature Magazine, Elle Magazine, The Post, Esquire magazine, and Aljazeera, among others.

I have appeared on several TV programs, including Larry King Live, PBS’s Foreign Exchange, Paula Zahn show, CBS’s Morning Show, Scarborough Country, BBC’s Up all night, among others.

I host the podcast, Read and Write with Natasha, where I chat with authors, publishers, and book marketers around the world.

I’m the author of the speculative literary novel They Called Me Wyatt. My short stories have appeared in Geometry, The Timerbline Review, The Markez Review, and Fjords. Here is a link to some of my published work. For media inquiries, speaking engagements, and other questions, send an Email to: natasha@natashatynes.com

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