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July 4th, 2024

Embracing Spherical Abundance: Lessons from a Successful Entrepreneur | Annie Dickerson | Ep 21

  1. Embracing Spherical Abundance: Lessons from a Successful Entrepreneur | Annie Dickerson | Ep 21 54:49

It’s no secret that starting your own business often involves overcoming significant financial and mental hurdles. In this episode, Annie Dickerson recalls her days as a brand new entrepreneur wrestling with self-doubt and reluctance, emphasizing the need for support and perseverance. Her story is not only about creating a successful business, but also about providing access for others to build wealth and achieve financial freedom. 


Annie sheds light on the concept of spherical abundance, a holistic approach to wealth that goes beyond finances and encompasses all areas of your life. She explains how adopting this mindset allows her to embrace uncertainty, trust the process, and maintain a stable work-life balance while growing her business.   

Expanding Your Reach 

[00:06:14] Starting a Business to Help Others        

[00:26:05] Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout  

[00:34:40] Building an Online Presence with Patience   

[00:47:14] Understanding When to Outsource   


Tackling Business Obstacles  

– Allow for flexibility in your business goals rather than sticking rigidly to a linear path.   

– Prioritize Self-Care and take small breaks throughout the day to maintain your energy and perspective.  

– Start with what you know and gradually expand your online presence, focusing on one platform at a time. 

– Establish a basic proof of concept before outsourcing tasks to ensure effective delegation and management.  


Acknowledging Your Superpowers   

It’s not always easy to navigate the ups and downs of starting a new venture, and Annie encourages entrepreneurs to remember the inherent power they have within to cultivate the life and business they want.  


“That speaks to abundance in a different way because you have it all in you already. It’s not like you have to go external to find all this energy and these skills and whatnot. It’s already within you, and it’s just about being intentional to connect with that.” – Annie Dickerson 


Connect with guest, Annie Dickerson:   

Website – Annie Dickerson – Goodegg Investments  

LinkedIn  – Annie Dickerson 

YouTube – @Goodegginvestments 


Connect with host, Virginia Elder:    

Website – Reaching Abundance   

Facebook – Podcast Abundance Business Page   

Instagram – Podcast Abundance   

LinkedIn – Virginia Elder   

YouTube – @ReachingAbundance   



This podcast is edited and managed by the team at Podcast Abundance. To discuss working together on your podcast or YouTube channel, book a Discovery call with Virginia.  




Virginia Elder Founder | Podcast Editor & Manager

With a robust foundation of 15+ years in project management, client service, and strategic organization, I make things happen. I shine brightest in the behind-the-scenes support role, aiding entrepreneurs in becoming visible through content marketing. Podcasting is just one avenue; my expertise lies in helping you expand your reach, attract leads, and boost revenue, all while you focus on what you do best.

My journey into podcast editing began with a simple 'yes' to a friend's podcast project in 2019. This led to a whirlwind of copywriting and audio editing endeavors, eventually liberating me from my 9-5 job and empowering me to forge my own business path. Moreover, it enabled me to live my dream of walking my kids to and from school daily.

When you entrust your raw audio and video recordings, web copy dreams, weekly newsletter musings, and blog post aspirations to me, you're gifting yourself the freedom to concentrate on serving your clients, nurturing leads, and envisioning your business's next big leap. I handle the content creation, editing, and publishing process, allowing you to breathe easy and concentrate on your passion.

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