1. Episode 012: Day 3- Y.O.U. Need To Understand Your Parents’ Needs Zack Demopoulos 12:39

Host Zack Demopoulos launches his 30 day preparation plan to care for an aging adult.  In Day 3, Zack finishes up the three critical parts to Y.O.U as the Caregiver.  He discusses the importance of understanding your parents’ needs, the “U” in Y.O.U.    “Y” stands for “Your Well Being” covered in Day 1.  “O” is Overall financial situation—yours and your parents which he covered on Day 2.  In this episode Zack talks about the importance of knowing and respecting your parents’ wishes and needs while walking the thin line of making sure they are living safely as they age and have prepared for the long term.  He reviews the 9 Beginner Steps To Raising Parents as well.