1. Friday Q&A: Fix It Up or Sell It, Are CHSM Shares Tax-Deductible, Financial Discussions in Marriage, Math Academy, Ambleside Online Joshua Sheats 1:59:55

1:30: How to decide to fix up or sell a house 14:36 Are Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministry share payments tax-deductible? 20:20 How should husbands and wives approach their financial discussions? 40:23 Does Joshua still love www.MathAcademy.com 1:11:49 Does Joshua still love www.AblesideOnline.org

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Joshua Sheats Teacher, Host, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur

Joshua J. Sheats, MSFS, is the world's leading authority on integrating lifestyle goals and money goals without conflict. He teaches normal people how to seamlessly connect the science of financial planning with the joy of goal achievement.

Joshua is dedicated to helping normal people achieve financial freedom by merging creative (and crazy) ideas from the world of personal finance with the academic integrity of formal financial planning. He simplifies complex money topics and makes boring financial mumbo-jumbo less boring.