1. Kate Katz - Special Effects & Puppetry Mike Montague 36:40

Kate Katz is the owner and founder of All Hands In, a soft skills development company. She is also a trained puppeteer and special effects artist.  She observed a link between the art form of puppetry and soft skills like Awareness, Adaptability, Communication, Problem Solving, and Collaboration. She created training platforms focused on developing these skills using puppetry. She offers this training to corporations and organizations that are committed to creating more equitable cultures within their teams.

Find Kate Katz at: https://www.allhandsinworkshops.com/

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Mike Montague is the Director of Community Engagement at Sandler. He is also a game show host, public speaker, podcaster, and writer at Playful Humans. He has been a radio DJ, karaoke host, virtual game show host, MC, and DJ for live events including opening for Billy Idol, Frankie Valli, and MC-ed at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill. Playful Humans is a community designed to help the burned-out and bored get re-energized and engaged with life. His mission is to help adults discover the power of playing for a living and how to avoid burnout, quiet quitting, or a midlife crisis. Find out more at https://www.playfulhumans.com.