1. Life is a Freak Show with Author Tess Scott Theresa Alexander Inman 29:45

Tess shares her views on parenting infusing humor to keep the joy in it! 

About Tess

I’ve lived through multiple divorces, married my husband twice and raised a brood of boys which only goes to prove God is full of grace and mercy. He has guided me through breast cancer, bathroom renovations and menopausal hormones.
I want to encourage women of all ages that they’re not alone. As a former black sheep turned “Jesus girl”, my redeemed life screams of the prodigal daughter unmistakably chosen. And it’s this hope, this story of redemption and God’s indisputable faithfulness that I bring to encourage women.
My first book “Listen,Sister! Finding Hope In The Freakshow of Life” (Morgan James Publishers) launches June 14, 2022.  It’s a collection of short, embarrassing yet true stories that reveal how God teaches through every experience, reminding us where our hope lies.
Women need to laugh, and they need truth. Bam!

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Theresa Yvonne Alexander Inman is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS). She is a wife, mother of two young men and grandmother of a precious little girl. Theresa is the founder of Parenting Bytes, LLC a company that provides training to parents, caregivers and teachers of children diagnosed with developmental delays. Theresa is author of the book How Can I HELP my child COMMUNICATE. In her book she shares strategies parents, caregivers and teaches can use to help children from birth to 3 develop communication skills. She is the host of the podcast, Parenting with Confidence and the 0Parentingbytes0 TikTok page where she provides short parent training videos and responds to questions.