1. #63: Dinner Table Chats with Luke, Brian and Theresa Theresa Alexander Inman 40:55

Who is teaching your child?  Join Luke, Brian, and Theresa as they discuss the topics that parents find difficult to have with their children from a Biblical perspective.  No, we’re not beating you over the head with a Christian stick.  And yes some topics may controversial.  These are important discussions that help you prepare your children for the world.

In this first episode, one of the topics we discussed was Ownership Over Our Emotional.  This is the subject of this week’s newsletter from These 16 Things.  

Why Dinner Table Chats? See the results of some studies:

  1. ‘In a September 2022 survey, 67% of people said that sharing a meal reminds them of the importance of connecting with other people, and 54% said it reminds them to slow down and take a break.1
  2. In a 2022 study conducted by the Dialogues in Health journal, for girls, better family meal environment quality at age 6 predicted an earlier bedtime, lower consumption of soft drinks and sweet snacks, more classroom engagement and fewer behavior problems at age 12.6
  3. In the same study, for boys, better family meal environment quality at age 6 predicted an earlier bedtime, less anxiety and more prosocial behavior at age 12.6
  4. Stress reduction, connecting with other people and taking time to slow down are identified as top benefits of family mealtime.1”.  Copied from; https://www.instacart.com/company/ideas/family-dinner-statistics/

About Luke:

Luke is a Christian, husband, and father of 8 kids, and is retired U.S. Army. He spends his time teaching these topics to his kids, and he teaches 12th-grade government. He coaches youth soccer, serves as a counselor at a church camp for kids, and leads a men’s group and a small group through his church.

About Brian:

Brian is a Christian, husband, and father of 7 kids. He spends time Coaching soccer, running obstacle course races, and serving as a counselor at a church camp for kids. He runs his own painting and pressure-washing business.

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About Theresa:

A Christian, wife, mother to two children, and grandmother, Theresa is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Infant Toddler Development Specialist. She was introduced to the field of behavior analysis in 2007 after working in many capacities in the juvenile justice system.

Her mission is to improve the lives of children and families by teaching them skills to meet developmental milestones using her signature LEAP method, to prevent or reduce the effects of possible delays while having fun!

Theresa is also an author, having published “How Can I Help My Child Communicate?” in 2022.

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Theresa Yvonne Alexander Inman is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Infant Toddler Developmental Specialist (ITDS). She is a wife, mother of two young men and grandmother of a precious little girl. Theresa is the founder of Parenting Bytes, LLC a company that provides training to parents, caregivers and teachers of children diagnosed with developmental delays. Theresa is author of the book How Can I HELP my child COMMUNICATE. In her book she shares strategies parents, caregivers and teaches can use to help children from birth to 3 develop communication skills. She is the host of the podcast, Parenting with Confidence and the 0Parentingbytes0 TikTok page where she provides short parent training videos and responds to questions.