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July 5th, 2024

599 – Household Projects: Step 4- Finishing Projects to 110% & Pick Again

  1. 599 - Household Projects: Step 4- Finishing Projects to 110% & Pick Again Lisa Woodruff 28:00

110% actually came from my team one season. They expressed that they wanted to get the Binders updated. They said they wanted to get them to 110% with no errors, with enough room in all sections, and add sections the community had suggested. I was more than happy to “grant this wish” and I want this for your summer meaty projects too. But you all know I do not talk about perfection so what does 110% look like for each of the projects I’ve been focusing on? 


E. in S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. stands for (E)ase. If this is the first time you are organizing an area or you are new to one of the Workboxes, that’s enough this time; you’re done. You will need to use the product or space before you understand how you can improve the ease of your systems. When you revisit an area is when you can strive towards the ease 110% will allow in your life.  

Teacher Workbox: You could revisit Teacher Camp, make better checklists, and improve systems for an easier school year coming up. 

Paper: Now is the time to start to create cadences for updating your binders. I keep a slash pocket in my Sunday Basket® “for binders.” Once a year, I place updated paperwork in the binders and weed out old paperwork. I tend to do the Financial Binder around tax time, the Household Reference Binder in spring, the Launch & Warrior MAMA Binder in summer, and the Household Operations Binder in October/November. 

Health: Create a cadence for meal prepping and stocking your pantry with what you need to support this new goal. Do the Productivity & Profitability Blitz and Kitchen section from The Productive Home Solution®. 

Personal: This section is not as easy but it will make you feel lighter to get to 110%. When you have backups of all the products you use, you will experience ease. You may decide now is the time you are going to switch it all up. Find what you want to be using and then make sure you have back ups. I know this can be spendy but I offered a solution in this episode. You could also do Embrace to get yourself to 110%. And then you can use the Back to School Blitz for yourself and your personal supplies. 

Kids: After your children are 5, you can update their spaces about every three years. They grow and change in three years – you’ll know when it’s time. And then when they are following the Kids Program for Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll definitely experience ease.

Family Spaces: I’m all about a little help!  But what I found as a Professional Organizer was once the job was completed, the homeowner was often looking for a housekeeper. And I really support this because, you will stay tidy for a housekeeper. They will come in and do all the deep cleaning, but you will more likely put things in their place before the housekeeper comes so they can do their job. And that will help you to maintain your organizational systems.

Remember, you need to complete the space or product once, use it for a while (like a year maybe) or maybe third time going through that space,  then you’ll have ideas on how to take it to 110% and iterate to experience ease. 


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Lisa Woodruff Founder & CEO of Organize 365®

Lisa Woodruff is the founder & CEO of Organize 365®.

Lisa, along with 87% of America, believes organization is a learnable skill. Yet less than 18% of those same Americans feel they are organized. Through The Productive Home Solution course, Lisa aims to teach Americans young and old the skill of organizing and unlocking their time for what they are uniquely created to do.

As the host of the top-rated Organize 365® Podcast (which has 17 million downloads and counting) Lisa shares strategies for reducing the overwhelm, clearing the mental clutter, and living a productive and organized life. Her sensible and doable organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable personality make you feel as though she is right there beside you; helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Under Lisa’s direction, Organize 365® has conducted academic research establishing the definitions of housework, home organization and the weight of paper in the American home. This ongoing research is making the invisible work at home visible to all. The goal is to eliminate it and free people from the monotonous tasks of daily living; and unlock their time for what they are uniquely created to bring forth in the world.

She is the author of four books including: How ADHD Affects Home Organization and The Paper Solution. Lisa’s understanding of the lived female American experience has helped her to create products & courses like the Sunday Basket®. These products and courses externalize the routine tasks that take up the executive functioning capacity of our brains; freeing us up to think and create again!

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