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One World in a New World with Mansi Kakkar – Warrior Goddess

Zen Benefiel, Author and Transformational Life Coach (BeTheDream.com) takes us on another apocalyptic (uncovering knowledge) journey in making sense common. Zen is a polymath, deep thinker and researcher and it comes out in his comfortable and open yet focused style.

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Closed Captions (CC) in multiple languages, though Google Translate may not be the best.

Mansi Kakkar is a Pattern Transcriber, Mindset Weaver and Warrior Goddess in modern times with her work in Regenerative Design & Innovation, Human & Planet Centered Design, Systems Catalyst, and Network & Community Weaver across a variety of personal and professional endeavors.

Zen leaps into the liminal space with Mansi, revealing a mutual comfort level of exploration in the thoughtmosphere. The journey will take you through multiple levels of self-revealing insight and understanding, the process of garnering self-awareness. Unexpected levels of vulnerability become present as the sharing of stories move from empathic to generative listening.

The conversation style of Zen’s interviews are unique in their ability to draw out significant aspects of developing awareness and shared sensemaking. Making sense common is the challenge in building community.

Mansi brings her dynamic and unique understanding of building community and the relationships that empower it into a lively conversation about life, love and understanding of the transition from Profit over People and Planet to People and Planet over Profit.

Apocalyptic chats begin with finding a common space and general notions of a shared reality. The conversation deepens through the willingness to explore and even share aspects of vulnerability that strengthen the authenticity of being transparent.

Mansi shares what it was like growing up in India and how her unique insight and vision led to her ability to help transform lives and organizations.

We discuss how early learning and traumatic events often rule our lives until we become conscious of choice in how we become present and move forward in our relationships to each other and life. Mansi shares how she was able to move beyond the pain of trauma and become an instrument of innovation.

For more, visit: https://www.mansikakkar.com/
Connect with Mansi on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/mansikakkar/

From Mansi: Zen is a catalyst for transforming conversations. He is a connector for the leaders of social transformation. He brings a deep sense of curiosity, a wealth of knowledge and understanding, but what truly sets him apart is his vulnerability. His ability to sink deep into himself and bring the treasures that he has found to others in service. If you need a bridge builder between science and spirituality to navigate complexity – he is your person.

Connect with Zen on LinkedIn – https://linkedin.com/in/zenbenefiel

Subscribe to One World in a New World – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZl…

Music: Outcasts and Social Misfits

Buy Zen a cup of coffee: https://bit.ly/3gxIceb

Digital Vitae: https://zenbenefiel.com

Transformational Life Coach: https://BeTheDream.com

Global Peace Movement: https://liveandletlive.org

Zen Benefiel Possibilities Coagulator

Zen Benefiel is an accomplished author and speaker who holds Masters Degrees from the University of Phoenix in Business Administration and Organizational Development, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

He helped women and minority-owned businesses garner over $200,000 in micro-loans through Self Employment Loan Fund in 2003-4. He assisted an indigenous coalition in Arizona to garner attention and inclusion in the development of the Steele Indian School Park, a complete turn-around from the Indian westernization facility turned high school built in the 1890s. He managed logistics for large public events drawing over 250,000 patrons in his 30s.

He hosted over 120 television shows in the early 90s, called One World, inviting his guests to explore how we overcome fears and move toward harmony in our personal and professional environments. He also produced a four-host series of community activist shows, focusing on community activists, holistic medicine, youth empowerment, and straight talk on politics.

He has taught business plan development classes part time at the college level for five years, was a production control coordinator in the aerospace industry for five years, responsible for $7 million in monthly shipments, a high school teacher for five years, often in charge of an entire curriculum; and special event manager for ten years with ranges of 5,000 to 250,000 patrons per event. He meets challenge with style and grace as an opportunity to develop successful business and personal relationships, resulting in a highly qualified facilitator.

He currently coaches, consults and facilitates client surveys, customer service, employee involvement, partnering, team building, strategic planning and professional development.

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