1. One World in a New World with Jonathan Macdonald - Adoptee, Advocate, Co Founder, Podcast Host Zen Benefiel, ma, mba, dd 1:24:52

One World in a New World with Jonathan Macdonald – Adoptee, Advocate, Co Founder, Podcast Host

Jonathan Macdonald is a fascinating person with a unique perspective on the world. It’s interesting to hear about his experiences as an adoptee and how that has influenced his sense of identity. His openness about his challenges with autism and dyslexia and his use of neuroplasticity to overcome them is inspiring.

It’s also thought-provoking to consider the role of perception and observation in shaping our reality, especially when it comes to issues like racism. Overall, it sounds like a deep and engaging conversation that offers many insights on how we can live more joyfully and authentically.

The conversational style is a bit different, taking frequent tangential journeys. Humble and self-effacing, this apocalptic chat is full of considerations and polite push backs. You might notice a few things in both that are ‘in the spectrum’ Neither are too concerned about ‘fitting in.’

Jonathan tosses back a question, ‘Why would you question your extensive perception as being different from others?’ ‘How would you know?’ Curiosity is tantamount and we tend to lose it as we mature. Why? Was Darwin right or is it more the survival of what fits best for the harmony of all?

Quite astutely, Jonathan profers that any decision, whether one believes in the ‘multiverse’ or not, gives at least two binary options. He offers an interesting description of how his mind works, like an explosion of multiverses at times. Neurodiversity at work.

One of those spins off into his childhood growing up in a white family and being of color in a largely caucasian community. Jonathan goes quite into depth about observations and perceptions and their effect on our reality. He offers an apocalyptic moment or two during the process as well, especially about racism.

The rounds of tangential conversations always come back full circle to the nature of who we are and the agency we have with our choices. Air drumming at a dance in his youth wouldn’t be so welcomed as an adult in a similar environment, for instance. Why?

Later on Jonathan shares about the challenges he’s faced. They are incredible. HIs ability to speak about them, imperturbably, is another testament to the curiosity and personal exploration of self that evolved. Listening in will surely shift your perspective about living life joyfully. Neuroplasticity and the discipline of recovery works magic as you’ll hear.

Authentic and vulnerable in his sharing of how he operates in quite different ways than most, he reflects in ways that takes the conversation even deeper in the reveal of how we feel and think. It’s like not knowing what we don’t know and finding out there is so much to learn yet. The tangents are significant, yet they all make sense as we expand the considerations.

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Zen Benefiel is an accomplished author and speaker who holds Masters Degrees from the University of Phoenix in Business Administration and Organizational Development, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

He helped women and minority-owned businesses garner over $200,000 in micro-loans through Self Employment Loan Fund in 2003-4. He assisted an indigenous coalition in Arizona to garner attention and inclusion in the development of the Steele Indian School Park, a complete turn-around from the Indian westernization facility turned high school built in the 1890s. He managed logistics for large public events drawing over 250,000 patrons in his 30s.

He hosted over 120 television shows in the early 90s, called One World, inviting his guests to explore how we overcome fears and move toward harmony in our personal and professional environments. He also produced a four-host series of community activist shows, focusing on community activists, holistic medicine, youth empowerment, and straight talk on politics.

He has taught business plan development classes part time at the college level for five years, was a production control coordinator in the aerospace industry for five years, responsible for $7 million in monthly shipments, a high school teacher for five years, often in charge of an entire curriculum; and special event manager for ten years with ranges of 5,000 to 250,000 patrons per event. He meets challenge with style and grace as an opportunity to develop successful business and personal relationships, resulting in a highly qualified facilitator.

He currently coaches, consults and facilitates client surveys, customer service, employee involvement, partnering, team building, strategic planning and professional development.