1. 13: Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights (GRR) Jane Leder 20:40

Yep, that’s right: a national organization of grandmothers who have organized
and joined the fight for affordable and available abortions and reproductive care.
Two members share their emotional stories of having had an abortion before the
passage of Roe v Wade. And here we are again. There is much to learn from these

Jane Leder Podcaster & Author

I am an award-winning author of books about teen suicide, siblings, and men and women during WWII. My feature articles have appeared in publications from Psychology Today to the Chicago Sun-Times. I enjoy the journey of writing, the process. But as I celebrated my seventy-seventh birthday, I wanted a change of focus and turned my creative energies into launching "Older Women & Friends," a podcast. The challenge has been exhilarating and will certainly help me make it through the dead of winter in the Midwest.