1. 12: Mindful Women 50+ with Lucinda Sykes, Retired MD Jane Leder 38:46

Back by popular demand, retired physician and sleep specialist, Lucinda Sykes
takes listeners on a mindfulness journey. She shares her many decades-long
mindfulness practices and how being mindful helps boost optimism,
perseverance, and shared wisdom.

Jane Leder Podcaster & Author

I am an award-winning author of books about teen suicide, siblings, and men and women during WWII. My feature articles have appeared in publications from Psychology Today to the Chicago Sun-Times. I enjoy the journey of writing, the process. But as I celebrated my seventy-seventh birthday, I wanted a change of focus and turned my creative energies into launching "Older Women & Friends," a podcast. The challenge has been exhilarating and will certainly help me make it through the dead of winter in the Midwest.