1. 06: How to Lose Weight and Love Your Body, Too 34:06

Diets make weight loss seem simple by telling you to follow their “simple” steps. But diets don’t address the subconscious wiring underneath our behaviors that override our best intentions when we’re tired, stressed, or bored.

Lizzie Merritt is a Martha Beck Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and professional weight loss coach. She specializes in helping women figure out why they don't do the things they think they “should” do in order to lose weight and feel happy. She believes that diets are just the worst; the only way to lose weight is to change what’s in between your ears, not what’s on your plate.

Visit confidentbody.coach to learn more about Lizzie or schedule a Coaching call with her!

Buy her book: You Are A Miracle: How to Lose Weight and Love Your Body, Too 

Jane Leder Podcaster & Author

I am an award-winning author of books about teen suicide, siblings, and men and women during WWII. My feature articles have appeared in publications from Psychology Today to the Chicago Sun-Times. I enjoy the journey of writing, the process. But as I celebrated my seventy-seventh birthday, I wanted a change of focus and turned my creative energies into launching "Older Women & Friends," a podcast. The challenge has been exhilarating and will certainly help me make it through the dead of winter in the Midwest.