1. What to Expect Along the Alzheimer's Journey with Loretta Veney willGather 49:55

In 2006, Loretta Veney’s mom was diagnosed with dementia. She immediately began learning everything she could about the disease and becoming an advocate for her mom in the process.

Loretta is the author of Being My Mom’s Mom, Refreshment for the Caregiver’s Spirit, and Colors Flowing from My Mind. Loretta and her Mom have been featured in articles in the Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Washington Post, The NY Times, AARP Caregiver Stories, as well as a PBS special. In 2019, Loretta was selected as Trailblazer of the Year by Johns Hopkins Medicine. Loretta and her Mom have been selected as one of Robin Roberts Thriver Thursdays profiles for 2021. She shares her positivity with us, her humor, and what she has learned along the Alzheimer’s journey. Her personal story and perspective are encouraging as we learn more about dementia and talk about her impactful work with Lego bricks and caregivers.

Loretta Veney shares about:  *Alzheimer’s and the various dementia terms *Loretta’s story and what to expect along the Alzheimer’s journey *How families can be set up for success and look at various stages of care *Her important work with Lego bricks- how they create connection and meaningful conversation *Her encouragement and positivity moves caregivers to action and confidence 


For more information visit: https://lorettaveney.com/ 


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