1. Using the Science of Habits to Transform Care with Matt Golden, CEO & Co-Founder of MapHabit willGather, MapHabit 50:29

Neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of people across the world. While there is no cure at the moment there are ways we can improve cognition and reinforce routine habits.


Matt Golden is the CEO and Co-Founder of MapHabit. Having experienced the personal loss of loved ones from Alzheimer’s Disease, he is passionate about creating tools to support caregivers and improve the quality of life for our older adults.


MapHabit is an interactive care management, dementia training, and cognitive engagement platform that promotes independence and enhances the quality of life for individuals that need additional cognitive support and their support partners. This award-winning technology, using evidence-based research is driving change to reduce Caregiver stress, support care teams, and reduce out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


Matt Golden shares about:

  • How we preserve the independence and dignity of our loved ones
  • The extensive research and science to support the value of visual cues and maintaining habits
  • How the National Institue of Aging (NIH) funding helped build credibility & enable MapHabit to rapidly grow
  • How we can focus on what our loved ones still can do- what is maintained throughout the disease process
  • The personalized cognitive support offered by MapHabit
  • How visual cues support our loved one’s independence
  • The dementia education and engagement platform offered
  • Why healthcare providers and caregivers need to be supported
  • MapHabit’s extensive team and educators


Learn more about MapHabit at www.maphabit.com

Instagram @maphabitatl and Facebook @MapHabit


Matt is a seasoned business leader and passionate advocate for assistive technologies to improve quality of life. Matt’s uncle and grandmother both passed away from Alzheimer’s Disease. His extensive custom application development, project management skills and change management expertise enable him to effectively implement change in industries that require modernization. MapHabit combines both his personal motivations and professional drive to build solutions to transform the lives of others with few options.


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