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The end-of-life does not need to be filled with the fear of the unknown. Today we are normalizing conversations around the end-of-life and end-of-life planning. The Love Always Project is a movement that is promoting constructive conversation and the value of what preplanning looks like.

Today my guest is Kim Medici Shelquist. She has spent nearly a decade on the leadership team of Hospice of Central Iowa, she’s a trusted leader and a source in end-of-life care matters. From her own personal story, she learned at the end of life people have fear, but most of all the fear of being forgotten. When we hold close and treasure the moments and memories of our loved ones who have gone before us- we can honor them. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your personal story and the importance of planning ahead to be present for those we love most.


Kim shares about:

  • That the end of life doesn’t need to be filled with the fear of the unknown
  • What is the Love Always Project
  • Her personal experience with choices and planning around end-of-life
  • What are the values that lead people to consider an end-of-life plan
  • How do we start the conversation around end-of-life planning
  • The importance of having end-of-life conversations
  • The information we need to include in our planning
  • How preplanning can focus our efforts on celebrating our loved one’s life and what matters
  • The benefits we gain when we plan ahead
  • What we often overlook in our pre-planning
  • How we shift our mindset around death and fear 
  • The ways that The Love Always Project supports families


About The Love Always Project

The Love Always Project is a movement created to promote discussion about end-of-life issues, provide expert information and encourage people to preplan and pay for their funeral as the ultimate act of love for those they will leave behind. The Project is supported by Homesteaders Life Company, a national leader in providing prearranged funeral funding, whose mission is to help people design a better farewell, benefitting those they love.

The movement’s mission is based on the understanding that while loss is a natural part of life, it is often a topic we would rather just not think about. In fact, while many people don’t know they can plan their funeral in advance, most of those who do know simply choose not to act on the opportunity.


To learn more, visit The Love Always Project


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