1. How to Overcome Caregiver Burnout with Debbie Compton, Author & Founder of The Purple Vine willGather 39:34

How do we distinguish between a certain amount of normal stress and Caregiver burnout?

“I just can’t do this anymore” or “This is too much for me to handle”- Have you spoken these words before?


This week we are talking about Caregiver burnout. My guest is Debbie Compton, she became a full-time Caregiver for three parents with three different forms of dementia. After many years of leading teams nationwide, she has used her problem-solving skills to develop new ways to make life more manageable for caregivers. This conversation is full of humor, transparency, and compassion as we talk all about Caregiver burnout, how to recognize these emotions, and what we can do to take action and move towards healing. Debbie shares how we can find support and community. Debbie is the founder of The Purple Vine. She is a Caregiver, has authored several books, and is an active community educator for the Alzheimer’s Association. I’m so happy she is with us today and sharing her story of hope. 


Visit www.thePurpleVine.com/blog for helpful articles for caregivers as well as some free resources.


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