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How do we make meaningful connections while we are caregiving? Is there a right way to care for our loved ones that have dementia? How do I deal with all of the emotions that we feel as caregivers- the stress, the guilt?

Today, we learn how families and caregivers can have peace of mind and understand that there is a better way to communicate and improve the quality of our relationships with our loved ones. It is my pleasure to interview Laura Wayman. She is an author, a Caregiver, a coach, a family counselor and also known as the “The Dementia Whisperer”. She is an internationally recognized dementia care expert and her mission is to change the world in a way that memory care services are provided and those that suffer from memory care impairments. Her innovative approach to caregiving has given her valuable insights on how caregivers can enhance and even enjoy their relationships with their loved ones.

Laura is the author of A Loving Approach to Dementia Care, making meaningful connections while caregiving. We talk about her book today and the lessons learned. She is a sought-after speaker with extensive experience and she is sharing her knowledge with others about becoming dementia aware.


Laura Wayman shares about:

  • The profound stress that caregivers carry
  • Why we shouldn’t be that “self-less” Caregiver
  • How our loved ones with dementia are most in tune with our emotions over our words and how our stress as a Caregiver can impact our interactions
  • Is there a “right” way to care for our loved ones?
  • What is the dementia “elephant”?
  • That successful communication can come from using the Affirmative response Method
  • We are encouraged to move forward and there’s hope in successful communication


For more information visit https://laurawayman.com/  & to purchase Laura’s book A Loving Approach to Dementia Care visit HERE!

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