1. A Caregiver's Roadmap for Aging Parents with Judy Burkle, MSW and Aging Parent Coach willGather 34:28

How do we become prepared as a Caregiver and not wait until everything is falling down around us? Judy Burkle is the perfect person to talk with us today about how we juggle all of the caregiving responsibilities and manage our emotions. Judy is a master-level social worker and an aging parent coach with extensive experience working with older adults and one on one therapy sessions.  Every Caregiver’s situation and story is unique.


We talk about how being informed can help you feel like you’ve got a sense of control over what feels unpredictable. We’re often living in a state of the unknown or not quite sure what that journey looks like for a loved one. We want to make sure that we’re doing the right decisions and asking the right questions. Judy provides a great framework to easily look at your situation and know where to begin in providing great care for your loved one.


Judy became passionate about “working with adults and aging parents after spending a career seeing how difficult it is for adult children to manage their care as their parent’s health declines.”  Judy wants to impart to adult children the skills to feel confident as they care for their aging parents.



Judy Burkle is a clinically trained social worker, Therapist and  Certified Clini-Coach® with over 25 years of experience in working with adults with aging parents.  She has consolidated all of her years of experience and knowledge to help as many people as possible by developing The PACT Academy.  The PACT Academy is a membership program that includes over 30 modules (and growing), weekly group Coaching, worksheets, checklists, scripts, and so much more to help adults with aging parents feel more peace, acceptance, confidence, and have more time in their life.  The PACT Academy launches on 3/02/2022.

For more information and to contact Judy, please visit www.coachjudyburkle.com

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