1. Shawn Barber: Getting the Next First Down Jennifer A. Garrett 42:10

In this episode, Shawn Barber shares his insights on the importance of teamwork, leadership, and self-discovery in the world of football. Listen in as Jennifer and Shawn discuss the importance of being a great teammate, fostering a sense of community, and never giving up despite the obstacles. Shawn shares advice on becoming a podcast host, why football is a like chess, and how to establish your expertise by bringing facts to the conversation.


About Shawn:

Shawn Barber is an retired NFL linebacker who played for 10 seasons in the NFL. He played college football at the University of Richmond, was drafted in the 4th round of the 1998 NFL Draft as the 113th overall pick by the Washington Redskins. In addition to playing for Washington, Shawn also played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, and twice for the Philadelphia Eagles. Currently, Shawn is the Vice President of Business Development for the McInnes Group in Kansas City. Shawn is also currently the co-host of the very popular Chiefs podcast, Defending the Kingdom, and he hosts the official Chiefs pre- and post-game live stream shows, and Chiefs Field-Pass and Chiefs Rewind for the Chiefs Broadcast Network. Shawn also serves as the Vice-President of the Kansas City Chiefs Ambassadors, an organization made up of former Chiefs players that focuses on stewardship to the community and charity.


Connect with Shawn:

Twitter: @ShawnBarber59
IG: ShawnBarber7884
Website: https://mcinnesgroup.com/
Personal Email: Shawnbarber59yahoo.com
Business Email:Sbarber@McInnesGroup.com


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Jen Garrett Branding Expert, Army Lawyer, and Podcast Host

Jennifer A. Garrett is an internationally recognized branding expert and creator of the Move the Ball movement who currently works with corporate executives and professional athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.) on creating powerful brands and using those brands to "move the ball" in business. Jen hosts the Move the Ball podcast, has seven college degrees, is an Army officer, is a mom of five, is a former Fortune 50 executive and is the author of the books: Move the Ball: How American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals and Dominate the Game: How Life Changes When You Show Up.