1. Quincy Wilson: Secrets of Sustaining the Long Game Jennifer A. Garrett 39:56

On today’s episode, Quincy Wilson shares the long-term strategies of sustaining success as an NFL player and coach. Listen in as Jennifer and Quincy discuss the importance of health maintenance to prevent injury, being exposed to the business of football at a young age, and how he manages the responsibility of decision-making for a team. Quincy also explores the power of creating a new culture within a team from different backgrounds and how you to balance your own passions against a family legacy.


About Quincy Wilson:

Quincy Wilson is a retired NFL running back who is currently the head football coach at the University of Fort Lauderdale. Quincy played college football at West Virginia, and he was drafted in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL draft by the Atlanta Falcons. During his NFL career, Quincy also played for the Cincinnati Bengals after playing ball he pursued a career in football Coaching, also doing a Coaching stint at West Virginia State University.


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University of Fort Lauderdale’s Website: https://uftl.edu/


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