1. Jordan Bush: Mindset and Relationship Strategies for Athletes in Business Jennifer A. Garrett 33:24

How wide does the vision for your legacy go? Jordan Bush motivated himself to a life beyond being the “hometown hero” to focus on changing the lives and performances of professional athletes. Listen in as Jordan and I break down the most important things he’s learned about consistency, creating a routine, and refining performance down to the detail. Jordan also discusses the advantages of training on campus as a team, how high school kids are being prepared for college programs, and how House of Athlete is creating an all-inclusive experience for top performers.


About Jordan Bush:

Jordan Bush has dedicated his life to the service of athletes. After getting his Exercise Science degree, Jordan took his passion for strength and conditioning, as well as athletic development, and started working at D1 Jackson where he was one of the lead
strength and conditioning coaches. Jordan has also been a strength and conditioning coach at IMG academy and is currently a coach and performance trainer at House of Athlete, where he has worked with college and professional athletes including the NFL’s Patrick Queen, Justin Jefferson, Eric Stokes, Kenny Moore II, Kristian Fulton, and Landon Collins.


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