1. Donovan Carter: Writing the Next Chapter of Your Success Jennifer A. Garrett 37:22

On today’s episode former college athlete Donovan Carter shares how sports conditioning prepared his work ethic, patience, and mindset to transition into acting. Listen in as Donovan and I discuss his decision process choosing a college as a student athlete, how he stayed adaptable and focused on the field, and how he plans to continue building on his success.


About Donovan Carter:

Donovan Carter is a college football player turned actor who played Vernon Littlefield on HBO’s Ballers. Donovan played defensive lineman at UCLA where he graduated with his degree in History. Donovan is also the host of the I’m Supposed to Be Here podcast.


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Donovan’s IMDB: Donovan W. Carter – IMDb

Donovan’s Podcast (Spotify): https://open.spotify.com/show/4rt2vVSFXq5bT8gev7jt90?si=2fe32825947e4150


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