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June 16th, 2022

Adrian Peterson: The Secrets of Staying Competitive in the NFL

  1. Adrian Peterson: The Secrets of Staying Competitive in the NFL Jennifer A. Garrett 29:03

On today’s episode Adrian Peterson discusses how he learned to stay competitive while collaborating as a part of an NFL team. Listen in as Jennifer and Adrian discuss coming together for common goals, how to stay adaptable in times of uncertainty, how to stand out when seeking an opportunity, and how being able to listen and watch before acting put him in a better position to make decisions and mentor others.


About Adrian Peterson:

Adrian Peterson is a retired NFL running back who was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 6th round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played for the Bears for 8 seasons and then went on to play a season with the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL. Prior to his professional football career, Adrian played college football at Georgia Southern University, where he set numerous school, conference, and NCAA Division 1-AA records, as well as winning two 1-AA National Championships and receiving the Walter Payton Award for the most outstanding player in 1-AA football.


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Jen Garrett Branding Expert, Army Lawyer, and Podcast Host

Jennifer A. Garrett is an internationally recognized branding expert and creator of the Move the Ball movement who currently works with corporate executives and professional athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.) on creating powerful brands and using those brands to "move the ball" in business. Jen hosts the Move the Ball podcast, has seven college degrees, is an Army officer, is a mom of five, is a former Fortune 50 executive and is the author of the books: Move the Ball: How American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals and Dominate the Game: How Life Changes When You Show Up.

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