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Navigating Financial Aid (Feat. Bethany Hubert)

  1. Navigating Financial Aid (Feat. Bethany Hubert) National Society of Leadership and Success 27:11

Bethany Hubert is proud of her work helping families navigate the expensive costs of higher education. As she explains, the co-founders of Going Merry launched the brand as a project during their time at Stanford as a solution to centralize and simplify the financial aid process. It has grown to assist hundreds of thousands of students across the U.S. in navigating this complicated landscape.

Through a process called scholarship matching Bethany describes that scholarship matching involves students creating a profile on Going Merry, where they are asked common scholarship application questions upfront. Going Merry then matches their profile against a vetted database of scholarships and auto fills as many applications as possible. This saves students a significant amount of time and removes frustrating steps. 

Bethany suggests a multifaceted approach to reducing college expenses, including living in lower-cost dorms, off-campus, or with family, sharing or buying used books, and choosing lower-cost meal plans. She also recommends exploring options like AP courses, dual enrollment, and community college for the first two years. She emphasized the importance of making a variety of applications, including in-state, out-of-state, private, public, and community colleges, to maximize financial aid opportunities.

This week, you’ll learn how removing buffer points and obstacles help financial aid applicants be more successful in their quest, why essay writing on scholarship submissions is a very strong way to attain awards, and the difference between grants and loans.





>> Listen to the bonus episode to learn what’s next for the Going Merry organization and how Going Merry plans to expand more in the future. (

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Corey Andrew Powell Cultural Commentator / Content Producer

Hey there! My name is Corey Andrew Powell. I'm a creative chameleon with a knack for donning multiple hats. From crafting compelling copy and producing engaging content to rocking the mic as a podcast host and weaving musical magic, I've got a diverse skill set that keeps things interesting.

My journey kicked off in 2011 at The Vitamin Shoppe, where I started as a copywriter and quickly found myself caught up in the whirlwind of rebranding campaigns, product development, and retail store expansions. Two years of hard work later, I proudly stepped into the role of Manager of Marketing Copy, steering the ship through the exciting waters of marketing creativity.

After three years of freelancing, in 2019 I joined the incredible team at the National Society of Leadership & Success ( NSLS), stepping into the role of Content Manager and Content Producer for the nation's largest leadership honor society, with over 1.3 million inspiring members.

In 2021 I became the proud host of the NSLS's beloved podcast, 'Motivational Mondays'! How cool is that? In my debut episode, I had the absolute honor of chatting with Tokyo Olympics silver-medalist Raven 'The Hulk' Saunders. We dove deep into the world of professional sports and had a heart-to-heart about the importance of mental health. Our audience has grown exponentially to over 250,000 listeners and subscribers.

My creative life has been an incredible journey thus far, and I’m always intrigued by what the future holds.

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