1. ”Make Me!” - Understanding Your Child When They Struggle In School with Heather Forbes Karin Jakubowski, Ed.D. 36:00

Heather Forbes, LCSW is one of the nation’s leading experts in the world of Trauma-Informed Education. Heather has worked for over 20 years helping to educate both teachers and parents in the area of using a trauma-informed approach to help student’s academic and behavioral health. 

She is author of “Help For Billy” and her newest book, “Classroom 180”.

Heather’s work stems from her own experiences after adopting two children from Russia. 

“School environments are designed for children who have their natural love for learning intact and for children whose systems are hardwired to be able to sit in a classroom and stay focused. But when a child comes along who does not fit this description, we have continued to EXPECT this child to change and to fit into this predetermined mold, no matter how much he or she is unable.” – Heather helps us unpack with this happens and what parents and educators can do.

Heather helps us understand how we keep “high expectations for our kids” and yet help them when they display challenging behaviors. 

“The amount of pressure students are asked to handle in academic environments frequently goes far beyond what their nervous systems are equipped to handle. Staying at this heightened level of stress diminishes their abilities to self-regulate and their abilities to learn.” – Heather Forbes

We talk in this interview about motivation, and Heather likes to exchange that word for ‘inspiration’. How are we inspiring our kids to learn? And if kids are inspired to learn, they put forth the motivation to learn.

To learn more about Heather and her work, check out her website.


More about the Host – Dr. Karin Jakubowski is an elementary public school principal. She is passionate about helping moms first take care of themselves to be their best for their kids. She helps moms with a problem solving process when their child is experiencing challenging behaviors. She practices mindfulness personally and at school teaching students breathing and awareness techniques to help them manage their own stress to be happy and healthy!


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Dr. Karin Jakubowski is an Elementary Public School Principal, Host of the Podcast, "Momnificent", Certified Master Life Coach and Speaker. She is passionate about helping moms first take care of themselves to be their best for their kids.

Dr. Karin Jakubowski created the Podcast, "Momnificent" after close to two decades of dedicated work within the education system. Her vast experience includes Certified Master Life Coach, Speaker and Principal of one of the top 50 schools in the nation, as well as a National Blue Ribbon School (2021). Over time, her experience in leadership revealed the need for more collaborative problem solving strategies when it came to behavior management. The dominant approach to correction or intervention just wasn’t working, and she found that using more intuitive tactics coupled with family connection prompted powerful results.