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  1. Let’s think about ”Intuition ” w/ sg MARTIN HRISTOV Mitzi Ocasio 33:06

When you think about intuition, I’m pretty sure you think about things more on the surface, such as the “gut” feeling. Yet our intuition is genuinely something more vast than what we all know. Doesn’t that spark your curiosity about what level your perception of intuition may be on? 

Something to honestly think about. 

Thankfully, Martin came to my show to explain how in-depth humanity needs to start thinking about their intuition differently. 

Hi, my name is Mitzi. I consider myself to be an overthinker.

I love thinking about everything that can be considered and why such things are. I have always been curious about why people feel a certain way and how easily certain things can become taboo.

That is why I started Mitzi; let's think about it. Because I love thinking about everything that can be thought of, please tune into my podcast if you are as curious about life as I am.