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July 3rd, 2024 Mature Content

Talent Acquisition “Recruit Right. Retain Bright.” on Mike & Blaine

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  1. Talent Acquisition “Recruit Right. Retain Bright.” on Mike & Blaine Mike Milan & Blaine Bertsch 58:44

It’s super frustrating.  You’ve hired someone who seemed perfect on paper, but soon, you're back to square one. Maybe it’s a culture clash, or maybe you missed some red flags. In either case, it's frustrating and costly. If you've ever struggled with finding and keeping the right employees, then this episode of Mike & Blaine is for you. Tune in while they discuss the secrets to successful recruiting and retention.

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Featured Beer: @snakelakebrewco

Mike: Neighbor Pat’s Smoked Porter

Blaine: Snake Lake – Birthday Suit DIPA

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Show Notes

In this episode, Mike and Blaine discuss the challenges of finding and keeping good employees. They share personal stories and insights on recruiting, retention, and the importance of hiring for fit. They emphasize the significance of culture and customer service in building a successful team. The conversation highlights the need for owners to set the tone and create a positive work environment. The conversation explores the importance of finding the right people for a team and creating a positive work culture. It emphasizes the need for a good fit between employees and the company's values and goals. 

The hosts discuss the challenges of hiring and retaining employees, as well as the role of motivation and personal interests in employee satisfaction. They also touch on the impact of culture on team dynamics and the importance of effective communication and collaboration. The conversation concludes with a brief mention of the Edmonton Oilers hockey team.


  • Finding and keeping good employees is a common challenge for businesses.
  • Hiring for fit is crucial to building a successful team.
  • Culture and customer service play a significant role in employee satisfaction and customer experience.
  • Owners need to set the tone and create a positive work environment.
  • Listening to customers and valuing their feedback is essential for business growth. Finding the right people for a team is crucial for success.
  • A good fit between employees and the company's values and goals is essential.
  • Motivation and personal interests play a significant role in employee satisfaction.
  • Culture and team dynamics greatly impact the overall performance of a team.
  • Effective communication and collaboration are key to a successful work environment.
  • Hiring the right person is the first step in ensuring employee retention

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Blaine is a co-host on Business, Beer & BS with Mike & Blaine. He's also Co-Founder and CEO at Dryrun, a business cash flow forecasting and modeling software company, and author of "Chronic Cash Flow". Blaine's co-host, Mike Milan, also known as "Cash Flow Mike", is a serial entrepreneur, author and finance coach for business owners and CPAs.

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