1. Ep 35 Diane's Midlife fulfillment journey culminated when she found her voice 🗣 Bernie Borges 36:35

This week’s guest is Diane Diaz.  This is the first episode published after hurricane Ian.  Both Diane and I are Floridians and we are safe. I comment on this in the introduction of this episode. 

Diane's BF (before fulfillment) to AF (after fulfillment) story spans about 20 years in her career where after about 10 years in a corporate role earning a good income and having many perks, she wasn't fulfilled.

When Diane was downsized out of her job in a branding role, she realized it was her opportunity to find something that REALLY fulfilled her.  She landed in a teaching role. Now more than 13 years later, she is very fulfilled teaching branding at a university.

Additionally, she discovered her voice and became a speaking coach and consultant. Finding her voice and helping others do the same is the second part of Diane's AF that fulfills her tremendously.

Ask yourself about the current “work project” you're committed to. Do you view it as a “work project?” To understand the meaning of this question listen to Diane's BF to AF story and how this applies to you.

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I started podcasting in 2013. My most recent podcast is the Midlife Fulfilled weekly podcast which launched in February 2022.

I was frustrated by a lack of fulfillment, in spite of good health, a successful career, good fitness, a healthy marriage, and overall happiness. Despite these blessings, I was lacking fulfillment.

I conducted a survey and discovered that I wasn’t alone on the journey to find more fulfillment. As an experienced podcaster, I knew that I could provide a platform to help men and women in midlife find more fulfillment and joy through a weekly podcast.