1. Ep. 23 Joe Pulizzi's Midlife BF to AF is in constant motion Bernie Borges 41:08

This week you'll meet Joe Pulizzi.  Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and TheTilt. He is widely recognized as the GodFather of Content Marketing. He and his wife Pam sold CMI in 2016, realizing their goal of selling the business. Joe realized that his greatest fulfillment has been on the journey in each of his BF to AF seasons. 

Joe acknowledges that his Midlife BF to AF seasons are in constant motion, enjoying the journey along the way.  Even if you think you know Joe Pulizzi, tune into this episode to gain insights into his soul, which he shares generously. 

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Bernie Borges Host Midlife Fulfilled Podcast

I started podcasting in 2013. My most recent podcast is the Midlife Fulfilled weekly podcast which launched in February 2022.

I was frustrated by a lack of fulfillment, in spite of good health, a successful career, good fitness, a healthy marriage, and overall happiness. Despite these blessings, I was lacking fulfillment.

I conducted a survey and discovered that I wasn’t alone on the journey to find more fulfillment. As an experienced podcaster, I knew that I could provide a platform to help men and women in midlife find more fulfillment and joy through a weekly podcast.