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  1. Ep. 19 Not so famous Joseph Jaffe found his purpose 🎬 Bernie Borges 1:05:20

This week you'll meet Joseph Jaffe.  I've been “stalking” Joseph for years. He is an online personality, previously known as “JaffeJuice.” Joseph is a popular author (5 books), keynote speaker, and consultant.

When the pandemic hit, Joseph experienced an AF of a different kind. He calls it an AP – after pandemic. It happened the day after the pandemic started in March of 2020. He started going live on YouTube with a guest. It didn't take long for Joseph to realize how fulfilling it is for him to host a live conversation on YouTube interviewing someone about their life, career, thoughts, and feelings.   

In this episode, we discuss how Joseph found his purpose and that is to be a talk show host. He hosts the Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous show on YouTube live stream three days per week.

Joseph was introduced to creator coins and minted his own $JAFFE coin. On this episode, Joseph offers an “airdrop” of free $JAFFE coin.  Go here to claim your piece of a $JAFFE coin. You'll need to set up an account on the Rally.io network

This is episode is sponsored by OneScreen.ai.  

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