1. Ep 102 Finding Career Transformation through a Portfolio of Opportunities | ILI 1 of 5 Bernie Borges 34:26

This is an immersive storytelling episode brought to you by the Inspired Leadership Initiative at the University of Notre Dame. In the first of five such episodes, you'll meet ILI alum, Bill Schenher.

After a core career in treasury roles in the Silicon Valley area, Bill reached a point where he knew it was time for a change but he didn't know what was next for him.  He candidly discusses his life changes, triggered by the decision to relocate back to his home state of Indiana without a clear career path defined. 

He discovered the ILI program. In a conversation with ILI program director Tom Schreier, Bill was encouraged to envision his future as a portfolio of different pursuits rather than a single trajectory. This opened his mind to exploring various interests and passions.

The ILI program, emphasizing a mind-body-spirit approach, played a significant role in Bill's transformation. A team of coaches provided continual support, as well as others like him in the cohort pursuing their own encore education.

His openness to new possibilities led him to a fulfilling position as a career coach for MBA finance majors at the University of Notre Dame. Bill finds his current role very rewarding and remains open to other possibilities in the portfolio of his encore career.

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