1. Episode 2 - Defining What We are Looking For In a Partner Paul Nelson 24:42

Have you ever noticed how online dating matchups tend to come in waves of feast or famine? Or how when you get on a dating app, it's like being in a candy store of endless choices? One of the best ways to address these problems is with Right Swipe Discipline. It's all about slowing the process down so you can keep up with potential dates. 

Today's recommended movie is Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong. In this podcast episode, Paul discusses why you should watch it and what it teaches about dating and relationships. 

Good daters have a plan. A simple start for anyone is to apply five deal-makers and five deal-breakers. Here, Paul explores the practice of listing these and sticking to them. Defining what you're looking for in a partner is true dating with purpose. Paul presents his own deal-breakers and -makers as an example so you can see how easy this practice is.  

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