1. Media Boss Podcast Season 2 | Episode 2: Plant Your Garden Dr. Barrett Matthews 38:03

Any smart person knows that Women Rule The World, and Monique Smith is making sure that everyone knows it. Her podcast and magazine focused on African-American women in sports management in schools and the pros, allows women who may not have been noticed to be showcased and applauded. Join Monique on the Media Boss Podcast this week.

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A Chat In The Garden

Guest: Monique AJ Smith – A Chat In The Garden





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Dr. Barrett Matthews is the visionary behind Media Boss Pro, a media powerhouse that elevates brands, captivates audiences, and boosts visibility. With a background in media production and a trailblazing spirit, Dr. Matthews revolutionizes media presence.

As Assistant Director for WUSA-TV, the top news station in Washington, DC, he honed his skills and delivered compelling stories. He further expanded his expertise as a Production Assistant and Researcher for CBS Sports, capturing the essence of thrilling athletic events with precision and artistry.

Dr. Matthews empowers others as a Host and Executive Producer for renowned shows like the BlackCEO Morning Show and Revenue Radio. Through these platforms, he amplifies the success of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

In the digital realm, Dr. Matthews hosts the Productive Podcaster and Media Boss Podcast, sharing knowledge and inspiring aspiring media professionals and entrepreneurs.

Founder of Media Boss Pro, Dr. Matthews brings unparalleled creativity and expertise to businesses and individuals, elevating brands and unlocking opportunities.

His achievements include an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities and being named a World Civility Ambassador and Distinguished Leader Honoree. He received the Diplomacy Leadership Award and became a Royal Liaison to the Development King in Ghana.

With Dr. Barrett Matthews and Media Boss Pro, your media needs are expertly handled, unlocking your brand's full potential and embracing boundless success.