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June 25th, 2024

Success Insights with Gino Barbaro: Real Estate & Life

  1. Success Insights with Gino Barbaro: Real Estate & Life Carl J. Cox 22:48

Join us on this invigorating journey on the “Measure Success Podcast” as our host, Carl J. Cox, engages with the multifaceted entrepreneur and investor, Gino Barbaro. Gino brings a treasure trove of insights from his expansive career in real estate and his philosophical approach to business and life.

🔑 Key Highlights:

  • Real Estate Ventures: Dive into Gino’s experience growing a real estate portfolio worth $280 million, encompassing over 2,000 multifamily units. Discover the challenges and victories that have shaped his career.

  • Entrepreneurial Wisdom: Gino shares invaluable lessons on overcoming adversities and leveraging personal growth to achieve professional success.

  • Family and Business: Learn how Gino balances a thriving business with a rich family life, and how his personal values influence his professional decisions.

📚 Gino also discusses his bestselling books, including “Wheelbarrow Profits” and “The Honey Bee,” and provides actionable advice for entrepreneurs aspiring to scale their ventures and personal growth.

🌟 Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Gino’s stories and strategies are bound to inspire and equip you with the mindset to thrive in your endeavors.

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Carl Cox CEO, Measure Success Podcast Host, Author Lost at CEO

Carl J. Cox is the CEO and founder of 40 Strategy Inc. Through his career, Carl has been an executive leader and board member with seven different organizations who have grown 2x to 7x with operations in four continents. Early in his career, he started at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a certified Gallup Coach for Clifton Strengths.

Carl J. Cox is author of Lost at CEO, An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Strategy, which reached #1 Amazon bestseller in 12 separate categories at launch in May 2023. He is the host of the Measure Success Podcast, where he talks with CEOs, authors, and extraordinary achievers about effective strategies that inspire success in business as well as their personal life. His company donates 10% of their client net revenues towards charitable organizations.

Carl has been married for over 25 years and they have four children. He coached over 20 winning seasons in youth football, basketball, and baseball. Today, Carl enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, reading books, and playing golf. He resides in North Plains, Oregon.

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