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The 13 types of entrepreneurial content to build your personal brand and a wildly engaged audience

  1. The 13 types of entrepreneurial content to build your personal brand and a wildly engaged audience Jim James 20:48

Content, and putting your message out there, is one of the proven most effective to build your personal brand and #getnoticed. But is pushing content out daily enough to get yourself and your business noticed?

Nick Cavuoto, entrepreneurial mentor, and personal brand expert who specializes in mindset, marketing, sales, and transformational leadership, shares in this episode the 13 Types of Entrepreneurial Content that he formulated so you can stop guessing, start creating and build a wildly engaged audience.

In this episode, he explains why knowing what you want to do and your mantra is the most important thing that you should identify before you build your personal brand, how and why people are the most powerful brands, not the companies. And Nick also shares his mastermind, The Mentor Mind Experience, which helps you get access to highly gifted, exceptional, motivated entrepreneurs who are focusing on solving business problems together, and some tips and tools that he uses to get himself noticed.

Post Podcast Production by: XCD Virtual Assistants

Social listening – google alert killer!
Generate leads and market your product using social listening

Graphic design toolbox – Visme
Create visual brand experiences for your business whether you are a pro designer or a total novice.

Build responsive quizzes
Generate higher quality, higher converting leads

Vidyard – Use Video In Your Emails
Vidyard is the easiest way to record and send videos that build personal connections.

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Jim James Champion of the Unnoticed Entrepreneur

I was sold on the power of publicity to meet ambitious goals when I jumped out of the plane ✈ at the age of 17.

Since that slightly foolhardy stunt, I have always been on the side of the business owner who has a great story to tell but doesn't know how to get the recognition they deserve.

Since 1995 I have built brands and businesses as an entrepreneur. I've lived in Africa, America, China, Singapore, and the UK.

In 2022 I sold my PR Agency in Singapore.

Now I consult business owners on how to get noticed, host a podcast, a radio show, and publish books.

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