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Soundbite: How planning your exit from the beginning could help you to get noticed and exit rich

  1. Soundbite: How planning your exit from the beginning could help you to get noticed and exit rich Jim James 0:36

Michelle Seiler Tucker, CEO at Seiler Tucker, with a lot of titles and expertise under her name, calls herself the ‘Best kept secret’, and always says titles don't matter, results matter. So, in this episode, she shares how she helps entrepreneurs #getnoticed and exit the business rich with her book Exit Rich, and keeping it confidential.

Who doesn’t want to exit a business rich and noticed, right?

Michelle, has helped a lot of entrepreneurs sell their businesses successfully, but learn how she does this confidentially and still emphasise the importance of transparency. She also shares about her 6P’s to help you build a business as a sellable asset, and talks about her book the Exit Rich.

Post Podcast Production by: XCD Virtual Assistants

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Jim James Champion of the Unnoticed Entrepreneur

I was sold on the power of publicity to meet ambitious goals when I jumped out of the plane ✈ at the age of 17.

Since that slightly foolhardy stunt, I have always been on the side of the business owner who has a great story to tell but doesn't know how to get the recognition they deserve.

Since 1995 I have built brands and businesses as an entrepreneur. I've lived in Africa, America, China, Singapore, and the UK.

In 2022 I sold my PR Agency in Singapore.

Now I consult business owners on how to get noticed, host a podcast, a radio show, and publish books.

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