1. What's been your favourite collaboration of this week? Making Conversations Count - (Wendy "Conversations Queen" Harris) 5:07

Carrying On The Conversation about collaboration that Wendy had with Dave Plunkett Have you taken Dave’s advice and thought about the right kind of collab for you yet? We discuss our takeaways from the recent episode. 

The perfect business partnership is out there for you.

It really is.

All you need, is help finding it.

That was the point of the most recent episode of “Making Conversations Count“.

Wendy spoke with collaboration junkie Dave Plunkett.

In this bonus episode, Wendy and producer Neal get together as always, and chat through what they’ve learned from the episode.

If you haven’t yet heard it, drop everything, and click the episode link above to listen before you listen to this one!

“Making Conversations Count” is a podcast from WAG Associates’ telemarketing trainer and telemarketing expert Wendy Harris.

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Wendy Harris Making Conversations Count Podcast

What can I tell you about me?! I'm very good at getting other people to talk about themselves. Having been in the sales arena for over 3 decades, my skillset has developed to enable others to introduce their services to other businesses. Talking about myself always feels odd.

But here goes. I've made over 2 million phone calls in my career, helped 1000's people pick up the phone and have better conversations which has leaked into life in general, I've created billions of £££'s in opportunities to do business.

I love nothing more than listening to other people's stories and gently guiding people to share their insights with others.

Whenever I'm in training it's always interactive and fun. I truly believe we learn by being involved.

It's why I started my podcast, to share these stories and be helpful to the business community. I also wrote a book with many of my training exercises in it for those starting out as the demands of your cash flow when you get going mean there's often a wheel not oiled as it should be.

For me, conversations is where it all happens.