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Making Conversations About Processes Count!

“Processes help us scale…” –

Jon Ferrara, Making Conversations Count (October 2021)


How are you building your brand?

Hopefully you’re using conversations?

I mean, we all have business conversations but where do you keep track of them? 

You’re probably having conversations across email, social and even through Google, using either Google My Business or your website.

There’s only so many our own brains can store before it gets all-a-jumble.

Getting help with this leans towards software assistance and following a process.

Databases aren’t sexy and let’s face it, there are plenty out there to choose from but picking the right one will be the difference for growth.

We usually turn to CRM software.

And normally when salespeople think of CRMs they think ‘sales’.

The majority might automate lead nurturing, but sales is still considered their main priority.

So how do you best nurture the ‘touches’ – the human and conversational aspect of doing business? 

As a telemarketing trainer, this podcast’s host Wendy Harris is a busy business owner herself, and so she’s also been facing this challenge.

Recently she’s been made aware of the Nimble CRM which has been started up by her associate Jon Ferrara.

He’s adamant he can help her with her business processes and sales conversations, by using Nimble instead of Salesforce.

And when she’s promised that something can help her with her sales conversations, she’s all ears.

Her background includes being a telemarketing trainer, author and speaker on sales processes improvement.

And her mission is making sales people better at engaging prospects through to closing deals faster, over the phone, with less effort.

So that’s why this conversation with Jon Ferrara was a must for her to have.

Hopefully you’ll agree it’s also a must listen.

Especially if your sales team could do with a better handle on sales processes and a way of keeping a record of sales conversations. 

Jon’s sales platform is called Nimble, which he developed after his previous CRM GoldMine (which was successful) was bought out.

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Wendy Harris Making Conversations Count Podcast

What can I tell you about me?! I'm very good at getting other people to talk about themselves. Having been in the sales arena for over 3 decades, my skillset has developed to enable others to introduce their services to other businesses. Talking about myself always feels odd.

But here goes. I've made over 2 million phone calls in my career, helped 1000's people pick up the phone and have better conversations which has leaked into life in general, I've created billions of £££'s in opportunities to do business.

I love nothing more than listening to other people's stories and gently guiding people to share their insights with others.

Whenever I'm in training it's always interactive and fun. I truly believe we learn by being involved.

It's why I started my podcast, to share these stories and be helpful to the business community. I also wrote a book with many of my training exercises in it for those starting out as the demands of your cash flow when you get going mean there's often a wheel not oiled as it should be.

For me, conversations is where it all happens.