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June 17th, 2024

The Magic of a Reboot and other Tech Tips

  1. The Magic of a Reboot and other Tech Tips Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson 45:28

We are joined by tech experts Andy Landrum and Alex West from Nice Guy Technology.

We dive into the importance of rebooting your computer, the crucial practice of backing up data, and the precautions you should take with USB drives.

Andy and Alex share insights from their rich background, offering practical advice on diagnosing tech problems and differentiating between hardware and software issues.

We also explore how cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox stack up against traditional backup solutions, and the benefits of using VPNs and secure Wi-Fi networks.

Top Takeaways

1. **Importance of Rebooting**: Rebooting a computer is a critical step for resolving a range of issues, as it resets all processes.

2. **Backup Necessity**: Regularly backing up data is vital to prevent significant data losses due to hardware failures or cyberattacks.

3. **Safe Tech Practices**: To avoid potential security risks, never use random USB drives found in public spaces and be cautious when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

4. **Internet Troubleshooting**: Common tech problems, such as network issues, can often be diagnosed and fixed by checking for Internet outages, updating drivers, or performing a network reset.

5. **Driver Updates**: Keep system drivers up to date using software like Driver Booster to maintain optimal performance and avoid technical glitches.

6. **Device Preferences**: Mac and PC each have their benefits and drawbacks.

7. **Home Network Security**: Consider using Unifi Ubiquiti products for better Wi-Fi coverage and enhanced security features.

8. **App Maintenance**: Ignoring app updates can cause functionality issues down the line.

9. **Role of External Components**: Issues can stem from external devices like monitors, internet modems, cables, mice, and keyboards.

Memorable Moments

00:00 Always learning from Nice Guy’s tech videos.

05:51 Stay calm, assess the situation logically.

06:22 Reboot, update drivers, reset network, troubleshoot Internet.

12:34 Differences: Windows easier to fix than Mac.

22:29 Restart computer first, physical shutdown if necessary.

23:52 Driver Booster: identifies and updates outdated drivers.

32:36 Beware of public Wi-Fi for sensitive info.

36:08 Cloud services store information on the network.

37:15 Cloud storage is a more secure option.

41:38 Cloud services are convenient but backup crucial.

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Recorded in Studio C at 511 Studios. A production of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

Copyright 2024 Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson


Brett Johnson and Carol Ventresca Looking Forward Our Way Podcast

The Looking Forward Our Way Podcast is co-hosted by Dr. Carol Ventresca, a recently retired Encore Careerist, who is expanding her horizons through a variety of opportunities. And Brett Johnson, owner of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. He works with entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and non-profits to plan, launch, produce, and implement podcasts into their marketing strategies. And he's affectionately known to his podcast clients as "My Podcast Guy."

Carol and Brett have been working together co-hosting this podcast, now in its "encore career," since 2017.

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