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July 1st, 2024

Combatting Age Discrimination in Hiring and Retention

  1. Combatting Age Discrimination in Hiring and Retention Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson 1:01:50

The episode focuses on the challenges and solutions associated with ageism in the workplace, particularly concerning mature adults. With insights from experts Dr. Phillip Taylor and Dr. Phyllis Cummins, the discussion explores the importance of addressing age discrimination, rethinking job roles for older workers, and the benefits of intergenerational collaboration.

Dr. Phyllis Cummins, Senior Research Scholar, Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University, and Fellow for the Gerontological Society of America.

Dr. Phillip Taylor, Professor, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick, Coventry, England. Fellow for the Gerontological Society of America and Associate Editor, Ageing & Society; Convenor, Aging Workforce Interest Group for the Gerontological Society of America.

Key Points Discussed

1. Ageism manifests in various phases of employment, from hiring practices to job retention and Retirement.

2. Older workers encounter barriers when seeking employment, such as outdated perceptions regarding their skills and adaptability.

3. Older workers are seen as valuable resources for training and mentoring younger employees, bridging knowledge gaps, and fostering a collaborative environment.

4. Flexibility in job roles and hours can significantly benefit older workers and employees across all age groups.

5. Integrating intergenerational mentoring and training programs can leverage the varying skills and perspectives of different age groups, enhancing the work environment.

6. The concept of Retirement is evolving, with many adults wishing to remain in the workforce beyond traditional Retirement ages.

7. Challenges with technology are significant obstacles for older job applicants; however, assumptions about their ineptitude are often misplaced.

8. Policies need to be adjusted to help integrate and retain older workers, offering them alternative positions or reduced hours without loss of respect or opportunities.

Memorable Moments

09:35 Age-blind reviewing of resumes, avoid ageism.

11:09 Attitude and skills in job interviews matter.

20:49 Defining “older workers” and challenging assumptions.

26:31 Age advocate emphasizes benefits for all workers.

32:22 Equal pay, productivity, and retaining competitive employees.

38:01 Employers fear age discrimination, reluctant to talk.

39:03 Employers must offer flexible alternative work options.

53:13 Promote reskilling for older workers, lifelong learning.

58:47 Adult education still lags, must diversify learning.

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Recorded in Studio C at 511 Studios. A production of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants.

Copyright 2024 Carol Ventresca and Brett Johnson

Brett Johnson and Carol Ventresca Looking Forward Our Way Podcast

The Looking Forward Our Way Podcast is co-hosted by Dr. Carol Ventresca, a recently retired Encore Careerist, who is expanding her horizons through a variety of opportunities. And Brett Johnson, owner of Circle270Media Podcast Consultants. He works with entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and non-profits to plan, launch, produce, and implement podcasts into their marketing strategies. And he's affectionately known to his podcast clients as "My Podcast Guy."

Carol and Brett have been working together co-hosting this podcast, now in its "encore career," since 2017.

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