1. Writer or Not-- There’s a World Opportunities in Book Publishing!! Jeff Ostroff 35:45

Hi everybody!

Have you ever thought about writing a book… maybe even self-publishing that book? And, even if you don’t want to write a book, are you aware of the many opportunities that exist worldwide in the book publishing industry? That’s just some of what my guest expert, Martha Bullen— longtime book publishing consultant and book coach– will speak with me about on this episode of Looking Forward.

In fact, Martha will discuss such things as (1) the dramatic changes which have occurred in book publishing over the past 20 years, (2) COVID-19’s impact on book publishing, (3) how the market for books is growing globally, including in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and (4) what the future might look like for the book publishing industry.

Most importantly, in true Looking Forward Fashion, Martha will speak about the MANY opportunities she believes book publishing offers for authors, entrepreneurs, retailers, various kinds of freelancers, and investors. She’ll also provide some great tips on how you might capitalize on those opportunities. .

Now a little more about Martha. Martha Bullen is a publishing consultant, book coach, book marketing expert, author and editor with over 30 years of experience. She offers strategic writing, publishing and marketing services for authors and indie publishers.

Martha is well known for her extensive writing and publishing expertise, creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication to authors. She helps her clients write and publish the best book possible and launch their books as Amazon bestsellers. You can learn more about Martha and her business by visiting https://bullenpublishingservices.com

You’ll find more information about my business, Jeff Ostroff & Associates, LLC, in the middle of this episode and by visiting www.jeff-ostroff.com On the website, you can also contact us about the various marketing and communications services we offer, such as (1) podcast hosting, creation, consulting, and column writing, (2) professional voice overs, (3) B2B/B2C interviewing for individuals and businesses looking to promote themselves or better understand their customers and prospects, (4) consulting/training on how to excel behind or in front of the microphone as an interviewer or guest, and (5) senior marketing assistance. (Hey, I’ve actually written a book about that!) You can also reach me at jeff@jeff-ostroff.com

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Jeff Ostroff is an experienced, versatile marketing and communications executive. He currently hosts and produces two podcasts which he created, “Looking Forward: Opportunities for Job, Career, Business, and Investment Seekers,” and “Health Care on the Horizon.” He’s a co-host for the “MyMacD Life” podcast, which is about macular degeneration.

Jeff’s also a podcast creator/consultant, voice-over talent, event host/facilitator, producer of audio or video business “spotlight” promos, and a seniors’ (silver) marketing advisor. Jeff’s first career was focused primarily on seniors, health care, travel, and marketing. He’s the author of the Prentice-Hall Book, “Successful Marketing to the 50+ Consumer” (Prentice-Hall.)