1. Game Changers in Technology: Here and Around the Corner (Episode #97) Looking Forward 29:01

Hello Looking Forward listener!

In today’s episode, we’re talking about technology trends. You’re going to learn about some relatively new or futuristic technologies. These are or will soon have an impact on such diverse areas as transportation, commercial real estate, office work, and the environment.

In Part 2 of this series, which will post next week, you’ll learn about more of the fascinating technology innovations our guest expert sees down the road. And, in true Looking Forward fashion, he’ll identify some specific OPPORTUNITIES that advances in technology will offer to job and career seekers, entrepreneurs, businesses, freelancers, and others.

And who is our guest expert? He’s Jim Quinn. Based in New York, Jim is Executive Managing Director of JLL, a global commercial real estate services company. Jim is the author of the recently released book “Tech Trends 24/7 and the Impact of Covid-19.” To learn more about the book, and “Beacon of Hope,” the charity that Jim started with a mission to leverage technology to help people in need, please visit the podcast page at www.jeff-ostroff.com

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Jeff Ostroff is an experienced, versatile marketing and communications executive. He currently hosts and produces two podcasts which he created, “Looking Forward: Opportunities for Job, Career, Business, and Investment Seekers,” and “Health Care on the Horizon.” He’s a co-host for the “MyMacD Life” podcast, which is about macular degeneration.

Jeff’s also a podcast creator/consultant, voice-over talent, event host/facilitator, producer of audio or video business “spotlight” promos, and a seniors’ (silver) marketing advisor. Jeff’s first career was focused primarily on seniors, health care, travel, and marketing. He’s the author of the Prentice-Hall Book, “Successful Marketing to the 50+ Consumer” (Prentice-Hall.)