1. Episode #41: The Family Caregiving Trend and its Opportunities Looking Forward 43:22

Stepping into a Market Failure: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Family Caregiving Trend

Hi everyone! Over 60 million adults in the U.S. and many millions more around the world are dealing with the challenges of caring for an older adult. Some of these people are seniors themselves, who also must care for their grandchildren! The number of caregivers is GROWING rapidly and includes both men and women and even members of the Millennial generation. Sadly, most governments and businesses, especially in the United States are not addressing this gigantic TREND. The recent U.S. Census didn’t even ask a question about this.

How has COVID-19 affected the caregiving trend? What can be done by policymakers to ease the Caregiver challenge? What tips can be offered to you, if you are or will become a Caregiver? And, what OPPORTUNITIES might exist to assist the enormous group of caregivers for those seeking jobs, careers, business endeavors, or investments?

Listen as my guest expert, Dr. Cheryl Woodson, retired geriatrician, Caregiver, and the author of two books about caregiving discusses these and related topics on this episode of Looking Forward.

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