1. Episode #40: Conversation with David Ciccarelli- Voice-Over Industry Trends and Opportunities Looking Forward 52:52

HI everyone. What’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s bound to keep growing and touches almost everyone around the world– almost every single day? It has also many applications, is multi-lingual and multi-media, and transcends all industries. I’m speaking about the voice-over industry!

Join me as I converse with my guest expert, David Ciccarelli, Founder and CEO of Voices.com, about the voice-over business: past, present, and future. Voices.com is a GIANT in the voice-over industry, and works with clients in 160 countries to find them the best voice-over talent. Listen as David discusses such things as what voice overs are, the various genres of voice overs, how the industry has evolved over the years, what impact COVID-19 has had on the business, and what TRENDS and OPPORTUNITIES he sees unfolding over the next few years in the industry.

And here’s the good news: David sees plenty of opportunities and specifically identifies some of them! Whether you are an accomplished voice-over pro, a budding voice talent, or someone who’s thinking about becoming one, you’ll definitely want to listen to what this industry leader has to say. That’s also true if you are on the client, production, and agency sides, too! 

So… listen in to David Ciccarelli!

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Jeff Ostroff is an experienced, versatile marketing and communications executive. He currently hosts and produces two podcasts which he created, “Looking Forward: Opportunities for Job, Career, Business, and Investment Seekers,” and “Health Care on the Horizon.” He’s a co-host for the “MyMacD Life” podcast, which is about macular degeneration.

Jeff’s also a podcast creator/consultant, voice-over talent, event host/facilitator, producer of audio or video business “spotlight” promos, and a seniors’ (silver) marketing advisor. Jeff’s first career was focused primarily on seniors, health care, travel, and marketing. He’s the author of the Prentice-Hall Book, “Successful Marketing to the 50+ Consumer” (Prentice-Hall.)