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July 3rd, 2024

Pets and the City: Unique Stories from a NYC House-Call Vet with Dr. Amy Attas

  1. Pets and the City: Unique Stories from a NYC House-Call Vet with Dr. Amy Attas Christina Daves 36:17

Dr. Amy Attas is an award-winning veterinarian and the founder of City Pets, which for more than three decades has been the premier veterinary medical house call practice for dogs and cats living, working in, or visiting Manhattan.  Her new book, PETS AND THE CITY: True Tales of a Manhattan House Call Veterinarian, will be released June 18.  She shares a home with her husband, Stephen Shapiro, in New York City.

In this episode, Dr. Amy Attas sits down with Christina Daves to discuss her journey from a young girl who dreamed of becoming a veterinarian to the founder of a successful house-call veterinary practice in New York City. She shares fascinating stories from her years of experience, including encounters with quirky clients and life-saving pet care advice. Dr. Amy also talks about her new book, “Pets in the City,” which chronicles her adventures and offers insights into pet care.

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Christina Daves is a PR Strategist, Lifestyle Expert, and On-Air Host. She regularly appears on morning television in the D.C. area, is the author of two best-selling books, and is a regular keynote speaker helping professionals stop being their industry's best kept secret and taking them from Established to Known™.

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