1. Packing for Bali | Episode 83 Isabel Alexander 9:20

This is short and sweet status report to salute the end of a fabulous Season 4 and tease a little about our next season of the Lift As You Climb podcast.

It is also a status report on the #EncoreExplorer.

After spending 3 weeks in Dubai, I am Packing for 4 weeks in Bali, Indonesia.

I share my own version of Eat, Pray, Love – Thank you! Elizabeth Gilbert! as I continue my adventures and journeys around the sun. I will celebrate 69 years of living an epic life of discovery and growth while in Bali!

If you want the back stories on these connections:

Episode 76 – Teen Mom to World Traveler

Episode 61 reveals my connection with Bali:

Episodes 77, 78, and 79 – are all about Dubai, and Expat Life

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