1. Ep. 3, Season 1, Jennifer Arvin Furlong: "No One Thought She Could Succeed" Jody Birnberg 14:27

Jennifer Arvin Furlong’s childhood, surrounded by the trauma of drugs, alcoholism, and a broken family, led Jennifer to take a controversial to get out of that life. Not one person thought that she would succeed. No one. So, why did she follow? How did she do it??

Jennifer  Arvin Furlong, Owner, Communication TwentyFourSeven LLC

About Jennifer Arvin Furlong: Jennifer Arvin Furlong is a communication expert whose passion is to help large and small organizations solve their most challenging communication issues by helping their most important asset, their people, develop more effective verbal, nonverbal, and written communication skills. Jennifer’s clients discover their communication strengths, learn to adapt to others’ communication styles, improve their presentation skills and develop more confidence in themselves as competent communicators and dynamic public speakers.


Website: communicationtwentyfourseven.buzzsprout.com/ 

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