1. Ep. 25 Season 1 - Pam Parkman-Thomure- "Second Chances/First Successes" Jody Birnberg 20:01

Find out NOW how Guest Pam Parkman-Thomure helps incarcerated women thrive after being released!

Pam Parkman Thomure, Executive Director, Empowering Women out of Prison

Pam has led various nonprofit organizations over the past 25 years, focusing on strategic planning and growth for start-up nonprofits. Pam founded Southwest Senior Solutions as an entrepreneur, a for-profit business helping senior adults downsize and relocate. She served on the National Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors, building relationships and increasing awareness for arts education nationwide. Pam is a One Voice Central Texas member and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. She has a heart for seeing women thrive and is blessed to be a part of the EWOP family.

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