1. What is Music Therapy for Seniors? Kim Hegwood 12:54

If you care for someone with dementia you may have heard about music therapy. Today Kim Hegwood with be speaking with Katelyn Blankenburg, owner of Texas Music Therapy.

Here is what we will be talking about.

1. What is music therapy and how does it help dementia patients?

2. What kind of music is used in music therapy?

3. What makes music therapy different from listening to our favorite music?

4. Is music therapy the same as what they did in “Alive Inside”?

5. What qualifications does a music therapist have?

6. What are some examples of what you have seen in therapy sessions?

How to connect with Katelyn


Website: www.texasmusictherapyservices.com

Phone: (832) 331-7409

Facebook: @texasmusictherapyservices

Instagram: @texasmusictherapyservices


Katelyn Blankenburg, the owner of Texas Music Therapy Services, LLC, is a board-certified music therapist and neurologic music therapist. She completed her bachelor’s degree in music therapy at Sam Houston State University and is currently working on completing her Master of Music Therapy at Loyola University New Orleans. Her thesis looks at gait patterns in Parkinson’s paired with musical stimulus and tactile feedback. Katelyn has worked in many different areas, with many different people, including end-of-life care, memory care, stroke rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation, disabled adults and children, mental health, and more! Katelyn and her team of music therapists provide individual and group music therapy as well as music enrichment groups throughout the Houston area.


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